Electronic transaction service for professionals of the healthcare sector

Navisec Health is a secure communication service intended for healthcare professionals and their clients.

The service allows companies to shift from traditional processes to digital services.

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Secure communication

The messaging function allows the client to communicate with the professional in a secure manner. Images, attachments and requests for filling out forms can be attached to the messages.


Electronic forms help with collecting information from client. Such forms include initial information, risk factor questionnaires, activity measurements or pain measurements. The easy to use form editor allows the creation of new forms and the formula function calculates statistical data automatically and effortlesly.

Planning tool

The professionals view of the planning tool functions as a calendar in which exercises, form fill-out requests, online courses and messages can be scheduled for the client. The plan created by the professional is then presented to the client through a timeline where upcoming events can be followed and marked as completed.


Exercises are tasks which include pictures, videos and texts and can be shared to the client through messages or the planning tool. The personal exercise library can be expanded by creating new exercises, for example by utilizing a mobile phones camera.